FILE3969Now that you have made the commitment to properly build your website, it is time to make sure current and potential clients can find it.

You can have the world’s greatest website, but if no one can find it where and when they are searching for it,  then it doesn’t matter.  If it is hard to find your site or others appear before you, then you will lose the potential business to your competitors.  It’s that simple. This can be remedied with the proper approach to get ranked in the search engines, directories and be seen as an authority site.

The bottom line is that you need to be everywhere someone might search for you whether your business is local, national or international.  In the old days, there was only one place to find listings — the phone book.  Now there are thousands.

The bottom line is that your competitors are on Google Page One and on the Google Places Map.  Unless you are ranked above them for your search terms, you are missing out on a lot of potential opportunities.  This is also true on Bing, Yahoo, Merchant Circle, Insider Pages, Yellow Pages Online, etc.

If your business is national, it still comes being found and that includes content and several other factors while always staying within the acceptable Google guidelines.