Google Page One – Organic Search

We can get your business on Google Page One organically for your most important keywords and make sure the listing stays on Google Page One.

You can get on Google Page One for your most important search terms in two ways.  You can buy it, which is a very expensive short-term fix and puts you on the wrong part of the page, (We do not advocate PPC as a singular strategy; only as a placeholder until you are ranked organically or for certain businesses.)

Although, adwords has its uses, why pay for leads using adwords and payperclick if you can be there for free, get more qualified leads to your site in the process.  Additionally, when you are listed organically, you listings don’t automatically disappear when your budget runs out.

Because there are thousands of businesses competing for those very few spots on Google Page One, getting there organically is very difficult and time consuming.  That is where we come in.  We can get you there organically and make sure your listing stays there.

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