In today’s business world, nothing is more important than managing your brand and this is where The Fisher Media Group can help you develop, position and promote your brand.

If you are an individual, you are your brand and the first place you will be vetted is online.  If you have a company, how your brand is perceived has everything to do with your success.

Here are some suggestions and techniques we use to help you manage your brand:

Positioning and Branding

  • Market yourself and your company as innovative thought leaders in your field as well as part of a company that values its customers and their experience before all else.
  • Promote your track record and product offerings that solve problems.
  • Position your company as a committed advocate that regularly communicates with its market.

The Evolution of Your Brand

Below are the five stages of branding.  You might be familiar with them.  Bear in mind that the more customers that you can nurture to the fifth, or Brand Advocacy stage, the more sales you will attract with less effort.

Sales increase exponentially when you reach the Brand Advocacy stage.  Right now, you’re most likely at different stages with different customers.

  1. Brand Awareness

Make qualified business prospects aware of your company and its services.

  1. Brand Image

Promote a strong, positive brand image.

  1. Brand Identity

Have prospects identify your company as a leader in its category.

  1. Brand Insistence

Have prospects insist on your company.

  1. Brand Advocacy

Have prospects and clients recommend your company and products to others.

Cultivating Your Brand

Here are the questions you want every qualified personal and business prospect to answer, “yes!” to:

  • Do they really know who your company is?
  • Do they like you?
  • Do they trust you?

In almost every business, the glue that makes customers stick comes from personal, positive interactions.  Regardless of how automated your company is, you are not a faceless corporation.  You are a service organization made up of competent, caring experts, thought leaders and innovators.  Most importantly you produce products and services that help people.

It doesn’t matter how high tech your company is, people will always buy people and not products.  As an individual and as part of a company, you represent your brand and you are your brand.